Ametal was founded on March 9, 1988, at a time when manufacturing technologies were new in Turkey, with the goal of developing new and distinctive products for elevators. Its principal activities during the first few years were the production of buttons and electronic controllers.

The vision of our founder İsmail Yıldırım was not that of simply adhering to a well defined standard, but raising it higher with respect to varying needs and technologies. With this philosophy in mind, the quality of its patented products at hand, as well as its flexible corporate identity well-suited for changing demands, Ametal has earned the acclaim of customers spanning 48 countries across the globe since 1990s.

Ametal is known in its sector for its constantly evolving, creative identity and its line of unique products.

Analyzing worldwide trends, needs and technologies, generating solutions to demands and converting them into service for its customers are the fundamental working principles of Ametal. For this reason, in addition to button and weight measurement systems it specializes in, it provides to its clientele Complete Elevator Systems as a comfortable, practical, and economical solution.

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